Functioning of the Board

Procedure of Referring Vacancies to the Board

The Administrative Department are required under rules to refer all vacancies in the subordinate services to the Board by 15th January of every year strictly in accordance with SRO 166 of 2005 dated. 14th January, 2005, as amended from time to time, for making selection of candidates for appointment to the posts.
Provided that the Government may for any recruitment to be made under rule 9-A, refer the vacancies in one go at any time.
While referring the vacancies to the Board, the Administrative Department shall specify the number of posts for which selection to be made from the reserved categories;
Provided that the Appointing Authority may with the prior approval of the Government in the General Administration Department and for sufficient reasons to be recorded make appointment in individual cases or class of cases out side the purview of these rules.

Procedure of Selection

The Board shall make selection to the various posts in the following manner;-

Recruitment and Selection

1.      The Board shall finalize the selections after holding such tests or examinations as may be prescribed under rules.

2.      The Board while making selections and allocating candidates to various posts shall strictly adhere to reservation rules as laid down under SRO 294 of 2005 amended as on date. 

3.      The Board shall finalize the selection list which shall be equal to the number of vacancies for which requisition was made and recommend it to the concerned appointing authority;

4.      The Board shall also finalize waiting list of 25% of the total number of selected candidates and forward the same to the concerned department

5.      The selection list shall remain in force for a period of one year from the date it is accepted by the appointing authority;

6.      The appointing authority for reasons to be recorded may not accept the select list received from the board and return the same to the Board for making fresh selection.
Provided that no such action shall be taken by the appointing authority without prior approval in writing of the Administrative Department.